Sunday, April 24th, 2011

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I've been a bit busy lately. Not that busy means much in my life, but busy enough. There's been social obligations like going to my sister-in-law's sister's bridal shower. I tried to skip out on it. It was the same weekend that Paco arrange a giant charity event on Qubetubers but some last minute drama locked me in. Kristin's mother fell while getting dressed and ripped the pad of her finger off, exposing the bone and she had to be rushed to the hospital. A plastic surgeon was not on hand as it was a Sunday so she was sent home to attend the party on pain killers. I had to put up with a bunch of stuffy old ladies, some stuffy younger ones and Kristin's sister-in-law's crazy mother. To top it off, I hadn't slept much because of the charity event so it was pretty horrible.

Now on to that charity event. We basically played Minecraft, had some guests and all proceeds went towards the Child's Play Charity. Our original goal was a mere $2,500. Our first guest from our affiliate the Minecraft Workbench got us up to that goal only a few hours in. I raised the goal to $3,000 and shortly went to bed. Then Paco called me a bunch and I dragged my carcass out of bed after, maybe, six hours of sleep. Our website was getting hammered with traffic. I got online just in time to listen to Paco accidentally close our Chip In event. x_x Cue me deciding that I could never sleep again. But some time while I slept, our goal was increased to $10,000 and she'd been trying to raise that goal again since we'd collected over $11,000!

Then I got dragged off to that shower and when I came back our goal was raised again. We had thousands of viewers and it was some insanity! Our goal was adjusted to be higher, then lower, but I can tell you that as of my typing this we've raised $34,603.81!!!! The chip in event will run for five more days. I guess I should stream a bit and try to push us to $35k but I haven't been as enthusiastic for the last few days. A stream with an unenthusiastic audience kind of dampened my enthusiasm.

Also, I was gifted with Portal 2 a month or so ago. That was released and I played it for two days, despite my computer supposedly not having enough graphics card juice to handle it. Well, on the third day, my luck seemed to have run out and the game would freeze leading to blue screens and emergency memory dumps and restarting. I was so upset! Ugh! I thought I'd need a new graphics card to finish the game, but it played so well for the first two days! However, on the Steam forums it seems that this is a major issue for a lot of people. It worked fine for a day or two and then refused to work any more. There's a thread with over 50 pages of posts! So hopefully this is a software issue that Valve can fix on their end and not a hardware issue that I can't afford to address at the moment.

It was Brian's birthday last weekend and we had a lot of food. I made more quinoa and black beans and man, that stuff is freaking great on a tortilla. It makes an amazing burrito! Everyone was really surprised at how much they enjoyed it. Yay!

This weekend was Easter and we had more food. Mom picked a ton of blackberries and made a fresh blackberry pie. That pie is addictive. It just draws you in and makes you eat it! Evil pie! Evil!

It's my baby cousin's birthday tomorrow. She's going to be 21?!! When did that happen? OMG!'s my birthday in two months and that's gonna be a whopper >_> Those numbers keep crawling up but as I've been defiantly telling people for years, I am not growing up. I am stubbornly, willfully, self-destructively staying how I am. Hmm, doesn't sound so great when I put it that way. Well, changes much come, so be on the look out for them. I hope to report back with positive results. I keep joking that I'm going to get our website to buy me a new car. That'd be nice, but I'm not counting on it XD

And before I forget, Kristin's mother is apparently doing fine, but they had to Cut for grossness )

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