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Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 10:22 pm
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Oh Google! Why are you being so douchey? As far as you are concerned, my name is For-Chan Cookie. As far as 99.9% of the internet knows, my name is For-Chan Cookie! So why are you getting your panties in a twist if I don’t tell you that my real name is Joe Schmoe? You don’t need to know my real name to provide me with your lovely services. I’m not paying you, you’re not billing me, so really there’s no reason for that. But now you’ve put out Google+ and you’re all handsy for my real name. What does it matter? What will it change? Nothing! And here I was hoping that finally Google+ would be the place that I could consolidate my online lives. I want to be both For-Chan Cookie and Joe Schmoe on you, but instead you’re being a dick.

Now I have to make the decision to either stick it out and hope you don’t freeze me out of my entire online life, because for the most part it’s contained within your cloud, or shut down my Google+ account, if that’s even possible, until you get over this ridiculous bullshit. I’d really rather not lose my years of emails and documents. I can completely live without Google+. I don’t need Google+. But it does lead one to wonder, if they’re so hung up on real names, how long will it be before they come for my gmail account as well? I certainly don’t have my name down as Joe Schmoe. My name is For-Chan Cookie and I am very disappointed in you Google.

You can undisappoint me by implementing my ideal model for G+ as seen here. Until then, we’re not really on speaking terms. :P

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