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Name:For-Chan Cookie
Birthdate:Jun 11

My journal is friends only mostly, as in mostly everything but a few incidentals are locked. It's not hard to be my friend though. If we exchange journal comments or IM a lot, you're bound to end up a friend. If you want to get to know me, feel free! I will not friend you back if you randomly friend me. We have to have some sort of interaction first.

If you're just here for the fanfiction, go to [info]forchancookies and join the comm.

I'm a big anime and manga fan fan. I love yaoi and write many many yaoi fanfics. I enjoy crime drama shows. I also have a few website. I love to RP online and run around being completely irresponsible. Yay for irresponsibility! I'm also an English geek on the lookout for a decent education.

I have a Boston Terrier named Niku and I love her to bits ^_^

This journal is an actual journal! Yeah, amazing huh. I write about everything and I do mean everything. I write about what time I woke up, what I had for breakfast, how my day at work was, how bored I was sitting through such and such, who pissed me off, what annoys me, what I'm thinking, why I think the sky is blue, why I feel like shit, why such and such is a bitch, why my family sucks, etc. You get the picture right? I write about everything because I like to. I let people read about it just for the hell of it. You can learn about me, get to know me, laugh at me, whatever. Sounds like fun doesn't it?!

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