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Some evil shadowy guy is planting a new virus on computers, intent on creating a computer zombie army! Oh noes! It's set to go off on April Fool's Day. Oh ha ha. Jerk. Anyway, read up on it. You don't want your computer to become one of the slobbering zombie masses!

In other geekery, I've downloaded the Venus Wars Soundtrack. I saw it well over ten years ago when the SciFi Channel (it will never by SyFy dammit!) had their Saturday morning anime block. I recorded it on an old VHS that's sitting in my closet right now. It also has Project A-Ko, which I was in love with, and Odin, which was ok, on it. So nostalgic. I want to watch it now....heck more than that now I want to find the A-Ko soundtrack. I'm such a geek.

Anyway, some things I really remember about Venus Wars are that in the dub the female love interest's cat was named Andrew. My brother was amused by this as a child. They had a shot of the main character in his tighty whities that my younger self thought was hawt. XD In one of the op/end songs, the female singer uses Engrish and says "crash and burn". When I heard that I was all "Woah! It's the same! Now I know Japanese!" Ah younger self, you were so cute! *pinches own cheeks* And that's enough geekery from me.


Friday, June 22nd, 2007 03:10 pm
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Huffing aerosols can be pretty deadly. One hit kills you. I read some very sad articles about it. Some cans of air, like Walmart's "Clean Safe" put this thing called "Bittergent Technology" to "help deter misuse through intentional inhalation of concentrated vapors." Well, my can is getting down to the bottom of the can and I was just using it to spray some dust off of a computer I'm taking apart. It's obviously not Catty. Old Sal is gonna get up upgrade and head down to New Jersey. Anyway, getting near the bottom of the can and I use a few sprays and suddenly my throat starts burning and I gagged a few times wondering what the hell is going on. I think that lovely "Bittergent" got me. I didn't even have my face close to the computer, since I was blowing dust, I didn't want to breath that in. But somehow, my throat is all burny now and I'm kind of mad. Why would it come out during regular usage and overwhelm someone like that? It makes me want to not use it at all. Remind me not to buy Walmart's air again x_x

Paco, where are you? I want to ask you about the stuff I'm pulling out of this sucker >_> The computer runs, if slow and the video card sucks ass, but it runs even if the grinding sound is awful. I'm wondering what I should do with it. I intend to put a new version of windows on it (ah Bittorrent, you are so lovely). I just pulled out the AMD k6 3D Processor, just to see if I could after reading an article on how to build your own computer ^_^;; This puppy's got a whopping 64 mb of ram and a ginourmous 4 Gig HD. Wowee! So yeah, it definitely needs some sprucing up, like a new video card, a sound card (it doesn't have one), and some other stuff that would make it able to run some educational games for little kiddies. Anyone else with ideas, feel free to chime in. I'm a total n00b at this stuff!

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