Stalker Meme!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009 07:14 pm
forchancookie: (Enter the Panda)
I did it cause Dark did it. We stalk each other ♥

Get one of your own! by Drunken Hero

Stalked again, a rant by forchancookie.

yami_chan is stalking forchancookie
yami_chan's REAL name :Ginger Schell
yami_chan's REAL DOB :08th July 1976
Height :179 cmWeight : 86.5 kg
yami_chan has dreamt about you : 13 times
yami_chan became interested in you : 08th October 2006
yami_chan's latest dream about you
You are on a golfcourse with yami_chan and your tormentor is showing you kinky new ways to make use of the putter.
This is how yami_chan describes your relationship behind your back
'We were destined to be together and you'll soon be tying the knot.'
yami_chan's been stealing stuff from your house too.
yami_chan wouldn't admit to it, but they were responsible for the sudden disappearence of forchancookie's wristwatch
They've even started modifying their body for you
In a vain attempt to impress you yami_chan walked into a piercing studio and got everything pierced including their nose, chin, genitals and lip.
They sent the following message to you in a Valentines
If God had a face, he'd look something like you. And if you were ever to leave me, I'd fucking nail you to a cross before you had a chance for a last supper.

The Police
No. calls to the police : 11 times
Your Last Call to The Police
"Hi, is that the police? This is forchancookie, could you send someone over quick, a mad fucker by the name of yami_chan is trying to knock my front door down with an axe."
yami_chan's Police File
yami_chan is a dangerous psychopath who will not let anything get in their way. Particularly the law.

Testimonies about yami_chan
ganymede51 - Car wreck of a human
'You think you know a person and then something like this comes out of the blue. Fuck that, I'm becoming a recluse.'
ssjbento - Monarch of lard
'To be honest I think forchancookie and yami_chan deserve each other. Both of them are fucking idiots.'
kahlannightwing - Fathers goats
'How depressing. I feel sorry for forchancookie, it's kind as fuck to a fault. Always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. All of this sickens me.''

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