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Cause there can never be enough Niku videos. Opie is in this one too. I was trying to take pictures of some wrapped gifts for a contest on Menewsha, because I am a dork, but the dogs wanted to play and ended up bounced all over my photoshoot.

There you have it. A dose of cuteness to send you into 2011. Happy New Year guys!


Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 06:00 pm
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Ok, I've had my heart attack for the day! x_x

I took Niku and Scutter out in the front. It's nice out. There's a breeze blowing. The yard is freshly mowed and we're just wandering around the yard. Niku and Scutter head to the side of the yard and I follow. I look up and there's two huge dogs on the next street, wandering around without collars or humans. I was hoping they'd continue on down that other street, but they turned and started coming towards us. Did I mention that they were huge? So I'm like:

Ok, more like "Shit! Niku! Get in the house!" But as I take a step towards her, she thinks I'm playing and jumps away. And Scutter is deaf and can't hear me, so I have to physically direct her towards the door and Niku is still dancing around the yard and then the dogs spot us and one starts running over. They weren't barking or growling, but they were big and I'm running for the door going "Get in the house! Get in the house! OMG! Get in the house!" And we make it in the door just as the dog starts running through the yard. I was shaking all over and my mom's like "What? What happened?" I go "That happened!" As I point to the big brown face standing in front of our door. This big brown boxer is now just chilling on our doorstep like "Where'd the fudz go?" And the other dog was in the middle of the road and nearly got itself run over. And then they went off down the street and I'm left there shaking from the fearful rush of adrenaline. Ugh.

I still feel shaky. I'm so glad that Scutter didn't spot the dog, because she hates other dogs in her old age and she attacks. Niku can attack when scared or provoked too. Who knows what those dogs would have done! They were three times the size of mine. Scary! ;_;
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Lick O' The Irish
Scutter was pretty indifferent to the hat, but her licking kind of messed up her photo shoot XD

Niku HATES hats. HAAAATE. Look at her pouting.

Anyway, Happy Green Beer Day.


Friday, February 6th, 2009 05:40 pm
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OMG you guys! My house is Haunted! Look! )
forchancookie: My Boston Terrier as a puppy <3 (Niku says "RAR!")

Scutter emerges from the dangerous under the bed caves and makes her way through the fallen cover obstacles only to stand triumphant before them. As her partner, Niku, joins her, they both activate their most powerful weapon! Puppy Dog Eyes! They want one thing and one thing only! Dinner!

XD I love watching Scutter crawl out from under the bed. Not only is she part pig, but it appears that she's part mole as well. So I have a mole pig dog!

The heroic background music is "Kibou No Hoshi O Mezashite" from the anime Megami Kouhosei aka Pilot Candidate.
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I found this super adorable picture of Scutter that I wanted to post. And I couldn't just post one doggie. I also have a cute picture of Opie (who is rarely cute cause he's such a dope) and a pretty Niku picture as well.

The puppies are hiding from you! )

I Found a Puppy!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 08:18 pm
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Look what I found wandering down my street.

A puppy! )

The Saddest Doggie

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 07:41 am
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I went aww. He's a sad doggie ;_;

funny dog pictures

i has a hotdog

Monday, February 11th, 2008 06:38 pm
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I feel like I've been missing out! So, everyone knows about icanhazcheezburger, home of some really silly cat macros, but did you know there's a sister site for dogs? I didn't! It's ihasahotdog and it's lots of silly dog macros. Now I'm going through the archives to look at all the pictures. I even submitted something O_O It's not even Niku! It's Scutter, who has decided that my DDR pad is the perfect place to nap ^_^;; Go vote for her!
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Guess who was feeling silly? Yeah, that's right. The pic it a bit old, but I felt like it'd make some great macro material.

Final Frontier?
by ~forchancookie

The whole reason I did that was because I got a picture of Scutter sleeping on my DDR pad and was going to caption it, but couldn't think of anything clever enough, so it's just a cute picture. I'll post it later though. I have a headache now x_x

Scary Dog Update

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 06:07 pm
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No one has come by to pick up the dog. I fed him and gave him water, but he still growls and snaps at me. Niku is completely freaked out. She'll just stand by the door and look out with her dander up and growl. I'm trying to keep her upstairs or in my lap. Scutter's generally, indifferent. She's just annoyed that she can't go in the front yard.

I called Animal Control at 4pm to report the dog and have them come get it. I puttered around on the computer and watched CSI, waiting for them to come and they never did. I called back, but they're closed. Their pre-recorded message says that if it's an emergency situation and then I'd have to call 911. I'm not calling frigging 911, but I want the dog out of the yard now. He's digging up the grass. He's been barking almost constantly all afternoon. Niku can't calm down with him out there. Ugh. What was the point of calling Animal Control if they weren't going to send someone out to pick him up? The temperature's going to drop and it's going to storm tomorrow. *sighs*

I dunno what to do. We fed him again and gave him more water, but we can't really move him. He's too hostile. It's not like I can just let him loose to get rid of him! So he's stuck there and we're stuck listening to him. Where are his owners? Where's animal control? Ugh ugh ugh.

Update: It's 7pm now and the dog has escaped. Or rather, it looks like someone let him go. The dog was not wearing a collar, he just had a chain clipped onto his neck and he was dragging the chain around with him, that's how I caught him. Anyway, it held him to whatever he had been tied up to, it stayed with him all day and it kept him tied up for 12 hours in front of my house and now suddenly it lets go? The chain was still on our tree, but the part that had him clipped in the collar was now undone as if someone had opened it...but he's so unfriendly, I don't know how anyone could have gotten close. For a minute, Andrew and I thought his owners might have come to get him. Then the dog comes prancing down the street. We can't exactly chase after him and catch him since he's so mean. Since Animal Control never came out we're sort of out of options. =/

Update Part 2: At 8:45pm, the animal control officer showed up. That's only four hours and 45 minutes after I called them. If they'd just come two hours earlier, they could have had him =/ The officer said they were short handed, so I can't be mad at them for not having enough staff, but I'm still disappointed. She said that if we see him again, to give them a call, but given their response time it's probably not worth it.
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I caught a scary dog O_O Niku ran down the stairs to bark at the door this morning and I went to see what she was barking at. There was this big black dog in our yard pissing on a bush. As he moved away, I noticed that he was dragging a chain behind him. I didn't think that a person walking their dog would be doing it on a chain so I went out in my bathrobe and slippers to look around and maybe coax him over. There was no one in sight and when I approached his chain, he started growling at me o.o So I tried to talk to him and he just kept growling in a very intimidating manner. It's cold out, I was under dressed and he was unfriendly, so I retreated.

I decided to try to coax him over again, but with biscuits. He was across the street and I was still in my robe trying to get his attention and failing completely. Some guy jogged by and stopped. He was slightly more successful in coaxing the dog towards him, but it wouldn't go completely so the guy just jogged off. I went back inside.

Niku started barking at the door again so I ran downstairs and sure enough, that dog was under the porch. Despite my lack of slippers, I went out there to try and catch him again. He growled but I inched forward slowly and managed to step on his chain and pick it up. He was obviously just chained out in somebody's yards and left there. The chain was broken though, so that's how he slipped out. He doesn't have a collar and he's not friendly at all. I bet he's one of those dogs that isn't really a pet, they're just a possession. How sad.

I managed to chain him to the tree in our front yard so now he can't go wandering around the neighborhood getting into trouble. Honestly, I was kind of worried that a car would go by and catch his chain up in its tires and drag him under or something. What a way to go. But he's safe in our yard now, away from the road and the cars and hopefully his owner will come by and find him there in an hour or two. If not, we'll call animal control to come get him.
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I took crappy pictures of my cookies which I shall inflict on you!

Here's the assortment plate. There's Peanut Butter Temptations, Pumpkin Ginger Pillows, Gingerbread, Spritz and Rum balls ^___^ I haven't rolled out and baked the sugar cookies yet >_> Maybe tomorrow.

The other ones, you can just look at over in my Holiday Gallery. And now, a recipe! Yay! Come find the secret of soft and spicy Pumpkin Ginger Pillows!

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