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I watched episode 6 of Tiger and Bunny earlier and had this horrible terrible plot bunny that I'll mention later. I don't want to stop my progress on it by talking about it yet. Suffice it to say that this plot bunny send me to youtube watching clips of 80s cartoons on youtube. I ended up watching a bunch of Jem and the Hologram clips. Man, I loved the hell out of that show as a child. I should probably make some icons. I ended up watching interviews with Jem's speaking voice and Jem's singing voice. I didn't realize she had two voices, but then I've never really looked it up before.

Jem's speaking voice, Samantha Newark, actually is a singer, but she only did the speaking role. Britta Philips did the singing voice. But I started looking at Samantha Newark's stuff and she sang In Your Eyes, not the Peter Gabriel song, but a song from the Project A-Ko movie. Project A-ko was one of my first ever anime and my love for it eclipsed my love for Sailor Moon for a time. I recorded it off of SciFi channel's Saturday morning anime. I recorded a bunch of others but Project A-Ko was the one I was obsessed with. I'd pause scenes, tape tracing paper to the tv and then trace over A-Ko and C-Ko. As if that wasn't dorky enough, then I'd go outside and paint them onto the sidewalk with chalk paint!

I got some of the comic books and I was really disappointed. Not with the comic books, but because you needed to collect all of them to be able to mail in to buy the soundtrack or something like that. I really loved the song In Your Eyes! And now, learning that Jem's speaking voice sang the song, it makes me realize why I liked it. Despite the fact that a different woman sang Jem's songs, you can still clearly hear the Jem in this one.

Now I have the urge to drag out my Project A-Ko box set and watch it! But I won't. I'm going to finish the plot bunny and post it.

Also, I think I'll add icons to my to-do list. I need some old 80s icons like Jem and She-Ra. :D

ETA: The plot bunny has been completed! Of course it only spawned more plot bunnies, but it's done. You can see it over here.

I also made a Jem icon. :D
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I finished watching the Initial D anime and was surprised to find the manga on Mangafox. It was licensed by Tokyopop, but they dropped it some time ago. Anyway, I am now reading through the manga and Mach 5 by The Presidents of the United States of America just started playing. I just had to stop and appreciate the dorkyness.

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