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Look! My icon matches my title! Wonder why? >_>

Yeah, I made a really big, really random icon post tonight and this was in the batch. It's a cute little one from the Nabari no Ou manga, which is just as cute as the anime.

Anyway, I think I've got to be one of the only people iconing for some of these titles. I think I've seen one other Bremen icon before, but no Your and My Secret (My Barbaric Girlfriend). Not that I've been looking or anything. XD

Anyway, it's sleeping time. There's a thunder storm rumbling outside now and the trend lately is for the power to flicker in storms and my computer to restart. Annoying! So I'm just going to turn it off and head to bed.

Gaia Cosplay

Monday, March 10th, 2008 03:33 am
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So I'm a huge dork. I play around on Gaia dressing up my avvie. This week I dressed her up as a character from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. If you happen to be on Gaia, vote for me!

Oh yeah, lemme show off my new icon while I'm at it. Check out my "brainsplosion" icon XD

Anyway, Gaia, vote, click on the picture ^_^ Thanks! <3

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