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So, Lady Gaga's new video got released yesterday and man, it's fucking weird. And yet I agree with a review I read of it the other day. For all it's weirdness in the beginning, it simply isn't weird enough. You have all these alien birth scenes and then it just trickles off into your standard group dance video in really normal looking leather and latex outfits. I shouldn't be able to say that anything about that video is normal looking, but in the end, after the alien weirdness, it just trickles out. Oh sure, you have the weird cheekbones and skull guy, but meh.

Now that that's discussed, let's move onto another video. This video is particularly brilliant because it brings together some odd things that the internet loves. Recently, James Van Der Beek has made a viral come back on the internet with a few Funny or Die videos and the James Van Der Meme website. It takes advantage of the popularity of the Dawson crying .gif and well, he's gone crazy and made all sorts of emotional .gifs. It's really fun. Way to harness the internet James! And so, we take James, who is now an internet sweetheart of sorts for his sense of humor and ability to make fun of himself, and we add in some unicorns and rainbows, also beloved staples of the internet, and we make a music video. That music video is "Blow" by Ke$ha. No matter what you might think of her and her music, whoever conceived this video was very smart. They had an audience in mind and that audience was the internet.

Something else that I like, while Lady Gaga is covered in makeup to look perfect or alien or whatever look she's going for, Ke$ha doesn't have much on at all, mostly some shadow but more importantly no sleek perfect layer of cover up. You can see all her freckles and possible imperfections. You can see her face. Her real face! That's so rare that she gets many many props. Isn't it sad how the smallest bit of real is such a shock? She's getting trashed in the comments for her lack of makeup and bad skin, but we all know that youtube comments are full of stupid. She gets a little respect from me for being just a regular woman.

ETA: Speaking of Funny or Die, Ke$ha was in Disney's Princess Ke$ha. The girl has a sense of humor about herself.
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Wow...where did those hours go? Fucking internet always stealing time from me! This time I got caught up in the 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos. I'm actually happy to say that I'd not seen about half of them...but now I have seen all of them. Whoops! Ok, not all of them, I did skip a few. Potter Puppet Pals was number 55! :D

Anyway, this one was the most striking. A man stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. Yes, 41 freaking hours! There's a story about it here, beware though, it's also very heavy with general information about elevators. Fascinating, but heavy. There's just something so haunting about watching the guy pace around and curl up on the floor. The piano music just seems to drive it home.

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A while back, I found this emoticon and declared it my favorite.

Apparently, someone else has gotten tired of the internet phenomenon of being too damn lazy to take five seconds to google. Personally, I have a google toolbar on my browser. I don't even have to click to another page! I just type in the box and wabam! Info at my fingertips! Amazing! Anyway, said somebody else has created the snarkily titled Let Me Google That For You. So for all those lazy butts who ask something you go to Let Me Google That For You and enter a search term. It then gives you a link like this one:

I'd tell you what happens then, but it's more amusing if you go and watch for yourself.

Amusingly enough, if you do a search for "Search Engines" on Google, Google doesn't come up as the first result! You get Dogpile, Altavista,, a yahoo directory for search engines (not yahoo itself), Lycos, and then Google. Wow...that's kinda lame Google. You need to fix that. XD

...Google It!

Friday, January 2nd, 2009 05:39 pm
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OMG! This is my new favorite emoticon thingy!

I stumbled across it on Deviantart and it is made of awesome. I feel like that all the damn time! You're asking a question on the internet....the INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY! Look it up!

The Rick Roll

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 12:34 pm
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If you don't know what a Rick Roll is, you're obviously not getting around enough on the. Never fear though, The Guardian has written an article about it and it's adoption by anonymous in the fight against Scientology. It mentions its predecessor, the Duckroll, which I'll admit I've never heard of. Anyway, it's funny to read a newspaper article about a meme.

And as long as we're on the subject, someone had posted this link. It's a video of a college basketball game getting Rick Rolled. The cheerleaders dance and sing along and some guy dressed up like Rick Astley dances all around the gym. If you can stand a deliberate Rick Roll, it's funny.

You know...I've started to watch the video on purpose and sing along x_x Then I Rick Rolled Phish to try and pass it along, but it's still in my head! Arrgh! Never gonna...give you up! X_x

Internet IQ

Sunday, March 9th, 2008 08:26 am
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