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I finished watching the Initial D anime and was surprised to find the manga on Mangafox. It was licensed by Tokyopop, but they dropped it some time ago. Anyway, I am now reading through the manga and Mach 5 by The Presidents of the United States of America just started playing. I just had to stop and appreciate the dorkyness.
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So, there's this anime about a guy who can see microbes called Moyashimon or Tales of Agriculture. It's adorable. I highly recommend it because it's cute and has a nice story. It's quite short though ;_; But there is manga, over five volumes and climbing. Unfortunately, only one group is scanlating it and they've only put out two chapters -_- BUT, if you want to page through the manga, I just stole some links to Raws off one of the manga sharing comms I'm on. So yeah, check out Moyashimon!

[Title]: Moyashimon
[Manga-ka]: Masayuki Ishikawa
[Genre]: Seinen
[Status]: Series incomplete // RAW
[File Content]: Vol 1-6 (up to chapter 71)
[Summary]: (From ANN) -- "College student Tadayasu Sawaki has a unique ability. He can see and communicate with bacteria and other microorganisms. Hijinks ensue."

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Chapter 61-71

This is mostly for you Dark, since you were sad that it ended so soon. Dae too if you haven't gotten your greedy little hands on it yet. For everyone else, go get hooked! You won't regret it! And if you need a little extra push, here it is: crossdressing, yuriness, adorable microbes!

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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 08:55 am
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I caught up with the Bleach manga. FINALLY! Finally El Hueco Mundo arc is ending. I was all "Yay! Something new is happening!" When I realized that....the same damn thing is going to happen, just in a different location. Now it'll be Aizen's baddies versus the rest of the Shinigami Captains. So I was excited for all of five seconds before I realized that I was sure to be bored to tears again. Le Sigh.

In other things that bored me to tears, I finally got over the long boring lump that was the Jiraiya battle and....well, you know. I was just completely disappointed. Naruto has this theme that I've come to hate. The theme is Elders screwed up and now the younger generation must fix it. We saw it with the Fourth Hokage and Orochimaru and then they dragged it back out again for Jiraiya and Pain. I know that the focus of the manga is on the younger generation so they have to kick ass, but I'm annoyed by seeing this over and over again. It's like a big fuck you to the older people who keep fucking up and can't clean up their own messes.

So I finally got through that whole mess and caught up with Sasuke. They made it look like Suigetsu and Kisame were gonna fight and they haven't been back to them since. C'mon! My attention span for Uchiha drama is short. But I plodded through. I watched the boys one up each other. I heard Itachi's explanation for being a douchebag. Frankly, I don't see what everyone is in a flap about. I don't feel that he's insane. He knows perfectly well what he's doing and that's the worst part. He's been meticulous in his planning, carefully grooming his eye donor for all those years. It makes sense for his character. It sheds light on his actions. It just goes to show that he'll do anything, kill anyone, take anything, to get the power that he wants. That's what badguys do. I don't know why people are surprised. Ah well, whatever. We made it over that lump...maybe. So I'm caught up there.

After that, I started reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventures. Oh man! I hate it so much! Ok, maybe not hate, but I strongly dislike it. The's just awful! The proportions are so horrible! The bodies are so massively built it's just frightening. It's hard to tell JoJo and Dio apart. It's just a big frightening mess. And I really don't like the story. That whole twisted "I'm going to crush everything you love because I'm a bastard and I can" aspect it just sickening. I really just can't get into it. As interesting as it could be that just turns me off. I think it's cool that they have a bunch of characters named after rock bands and stuff. I mean, c'mon, later on there's supposed to be a "Tonpetti" but still, I just can't go on. 18 Chapters in and I've decided to give up the ghost. It's just not what I'm looking for in a manga. Maybe I'll just read the wikipedia summaries instead XD

That reminds me. I read a manga called Super Cruel and Terrible Tales of Mangaka. It's a set of stories telling tales of mangaka. It's not one of the usual semi-realistic type styles, but has more of a cartoony feel. It's about the trials and tribulations of being a mangaka and it's just rife with all sorts of crazy gags and unfortunate situations and just...stuff. I'm having trouble describing it, but it's definitely an interesting escape from the norm.

I need to hunt around for something new to read now. I think I'll finish 666Satan and then look for something else. I had all these Toriyamaworld series that I had to stop reading cause they got lazy and stopped doing any scanlations other than Kinikuman or whatever that was. =/ Ah well, whatever someone else picked it up and I'll finish reading it before it gets taken down since it was licensed >_>

But for now I'm going to bed. The task I had to stay up to do is done and I even made muffins! So sleepy time for me!

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