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I made a super yummy quiche last night. I really love quiche. It's a great way to clean out extra cheese and veggies from the fridge. Unfortunately, there's always a lot of both in there taunting me, My mom typically keeps two or three packages of feta in the fridge at once. One is not enough. *sighs* Anyway! This quiche disappears quickly. Every time I turned around, there was less and less of it. Even Andrew, who doesn't like quiche much, couldn't keep his hands off of it and had a full plate full.

Warning: This quiche is very garlicy! It is not for that special sparkley vampire in your life. )
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Our fridge is full of veggies that my mother keeps on buying and never cooking, so when they've been in there for a while, I have to scramble to think of something to do with them. Last night, we had some zucchini on their way out. There was also some ricotta about to go South. We had spinach in the freezer and just enough eggs for a quiche. We didn't have any pre-made pie crusts though and I hate making dough. There was an ancient copy of The Joy of Cooking on the counter that my great-grandmother gave to my mom in 1976 according to the inscription. It was published sometime in the 30s of 40s (the date isn't clear) and it shows its age. I flipped through and found what sounded like an easy recipe for pie crust, and it was!

Hot Water Pie Crust )

It's a really easy recipe and it worked! I made pie dough! I avoid making pie dough like the plague! But it worked! *dances* So if you're like me and can't make pie dough, well, now you can. Now onto the quiche part. This one is a little different because it's uses ricotta, so you get a much softer texture. It's quite yummy, though I did modify it a bit for some extra flavor. ^_^

Spinach Ricotta Cheese Quiche )

And here's pictures of my quiche. Food Porn? )

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