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Lick O' The Irish
Scutter was pretty indifferent to the hat, but her licking kind of messed up her photo shoot XD

Niku HATES hats. HAAAATE. Look at her pouting.

Anyway, Happy Green Beer Day.
forchancookie: My Boston Terrier as a puppy <3 (Niku says "RAR!")

Scutter emerges from the dangerous under the bed caves and makes her way through the fallen cover obstacles only to stand triumphant before them. As her partner, Niku, joins her, they both activate their most powerful weapon! Puppy Dog Eyes! They want one thing and one thing only! Dinner!

XD I love watching Scutter crawl out from under the bed. Not only is she part pig, but it appears that she's part mole as well. So I have a mole pig dog!

The heroic background music is "Kibou No Hoshi O Mezashite" from the anime Megami Kouhosei aka Pilot Candidate.
forchancookie: My Boston Terrier as a puppy <3 (Niku says "RAR!")
I found this super adorable picture of Scutter that I wanted to post. And I couldn't just post one doggie. I also have a cute picture of Opie (who is rarely cute cause he's such a dope) and a pretty Niku picture as well.

The puppies are hiding from you! )

i has a hotdog

Monday, February 11th, 2008 06:38 pm
forchancookie: My Boston Terrier as a puppy <3 (Niku says "RAR!")
I feel like I've been missing out! So, everyone knows about icanhazcheezburger, home of some really silly cat macros, but did you know there's a sister site for dogs? I didn't! It's ihasahotdog and it's lots of silly dog macros. Now I'm going through the archives to look at all the pictures. I even submitted something O_O It's not even Niku! It's Scutter, who has decided that my DDR pad is the perfect place to nap ^_^;; Go vote for her!

Puppy Pics!

Thursday, December 20th, 2007 02:13 am
forchancookie: My Boston Terrier as a puppy <3 (Niku says "RAR!")
Ok, so I stopped being lazy. Here's some puppy pics ^_^ Here there be puppies! )

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