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A while back, I found this emoticon and declared it my favorite.

Apparently, someone else has gotten tired of the internet phenomenon of being too damn lazy to take five seconds to google. Personally, I have a google toolbar on my browser. I don't even have to click to another page! I just type in the box and wabam! Info at my fingertips! Amazing! Anyway, said somebody else has created the snarkily titled Let Me Google That For You. So for all those lazy butts who ask something you go to Let Me Google That For You and enter a search term. It then gives you a link like this one:

I'd tell you what happens then, but it's more amusing if you go and watch for yourself.

Amusingly enough, if you do a search for "Search Engines" on Google, Google doesn't come up as the first result! You get Dogpile, Altavista,, a yahoo directory for search engines (not yahoo itself), Lycos, and then Google. Wow...that's kinda lame Google. You need to fix that. XD

...Google It!

Friday, January 2nd, 2009 05:39 pm
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OMG! This is my new favorite emoticon thingy!

I stumbled across it on Deviantart and it is made of awesome. I feel like that all the damn time! You're asking a question on the internet....the INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY! Look it up!
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I was browsing when I typed in "Sakura" looking for blossom prints. This of course brought up a few Cardcaptor Sakura posters and this.

Sakura's Dragon by Alan Gutierrez
Sakura's Dragon

It's Sakura all right, but it sure as hell isn't by Clamp. It's a piece of fanart that I highly doubt is a licensed piece of merchandise, but it's being sold on a really big website. WTF! The artist is Alan Gutierrez and by clicking on his gallery you get more fanart! The most obvious would be the Sailor Scouts!!! Sailor Saturn. Sailor Jupiter and Nephlyte. Sailor Pluto. How the hell is this guy selling this stuff? Seriously! That's major copyright infringement there.

A quick google brought me to his website. If you look through his galleries, well gee, most of that stuff is fanart and guess what? You can buy a bunbh of that on Allposters too. How is this guy flying under the radar? Ugh. It's one thing for an artist to get a few bucks from a commission from a fan, but to sell them as original art pieces...that just pisses me off!

And that reminds me of another situation just like that, the "Taming Riki" series. It's fanfiction from Ai No Kusabi, yet this chick is publishing her fanfiction and selling them to people! Yep, look at her website. If you go to the books section, there's three volumes of "Taming Riki". It's not like this is an obscure series that nobody had heard about. DMP has licensed the original Ai No Kusabi novels and will be publishing them. So how is this chick getting away with her knockoff? Lots of people have heard of the fic but no one has challenged it? Why the hell not?

I'm full of rage right now and have no outlet for it -_- These people piss me off. I want to give someone a nice punch in the face right now. They selfishly endanger fandom cause they're greedy or stupid or something. Argh!

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