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OMG Livejournal! WTF! For the last few days, when I hit back to go back to my friend list, I get a freaking log in page. I'm already logged in! I use ljlogin and I'm pretty much always logged in and never log out. It's like Livejournal is ejecting my cookies or something. I shouldn't NEED to be logged in to view my f-list or half of the pages it insists I need to be logged in for. Fandom Secrets is an open community with no restrictions that is crawling with anons, but you want me to log in to view it? WTF is your problem? It's driving me nuts! And even once I refresh my log in, it won't let me go back beyond the point that the page appeared. The log in page will just keep popping up and it's driving me INSANE! RAR! Cut it out!
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Dear F-List,

This post is wanky. This post is a rant directed at a person who is a liar and a thief. Please feel free to skip this post and any wank it might generate. Should you have a taste for wank, please grab a bag of popcorn while I outline the situation for you.

I haven't talked about my RPing in this journal a lot. I'll tell you about it now, enough to explain this situation. Daeva and Drake initially came up with the character of David. He would be Archer's son with a female Kimblee. From David, the universe began. Roy became Reine, Jean Havoc became female and Hawkeye became a male and they had kids. Alex, Paige and Ryan were their names. Dae and I began to RP David and Ryan. Our wacky high-jinks inspired others. Phishy and Yuriko did some genderswapping and came up with Clara and Damien and various others. Worlds collided and it was random insanity and it was fun. Complicated, but fun.

Into this mix stepped Broken_Envy and Invidia1988. They had also been inspired and created a genderswapped universe. There were kids there as well. Lots of them. It got a little weird. They wanted to invade our universe, but Dae warded them off. It was ok, just weird. Then it got weirder. Suddenly their characters were popping up with our characters' names. Their characters were using the image songs that the others had carefully picked out. Hell, their characters resemble the art that Daeva and Phishy drew! Basically, something a little more than inspiration was going on.

But you couldn't bring this up. Oh no, you couldn't mention this. You see, Broken's been working on a novel for ten years and those characters are hers! She has rock solid proof of this!! Or so she claims. And when more characters pop up with more of our characters' names? Her sister made them. And when yet more characters pop up? Well we need to STFU up because we're big stupid bitches and you can't copyright a name. That may be so, but we're tired of these childish shenanigans. We're just a little too old for this kind of bullshit, and here is where I finally put my foot down. Cue an open letter to [ profile] broken_envy.

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