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Lately, my tumblr has become my catch all for short fannish and dorky posts. I don't know why. It's not like I can't post them here, but it's hard to break the idea that livejournal is for long stuff and I shouldn't bother people with short posts. It's retarded, I used to make multiple shorter posts a day! This stupid notion makes it so that I hardly post at all these days! I guess the draw of tumblr is that there's a huge audience. On livejournal, you have your friend's list and sometimes the occasional transient. Sometimes they'll comment on your posts, but often they won't. This doesn't mean they're not reading, they just have nothing to say. On tumblr, anyone following one of the topic tags that you've used can potentially read, like or reblog your post. It just feels like people are listening or watching more than livejournal feels that way sometimes.

All that said, I know people read my journal when I do post in it so I'll just cross post to try to get back in the swing of posting. And here comes the first post!

Oblivious Fangirl is Oblivious

I feel rather oblivious at the moment. I only just found out that Take That, including Robbie Williams, did the ending song for X-Men: First Class. I like Take That. I love Robbie Williams. And I’m obsessed with X-Men: First Class. With these three combined, you’d think I’d have noticed this sooner. But no. I think it’s because I don’t fangirl the same way other people fangirl (or boy). While I’ve been reading almost nothing but X-Men fics for a month straight and I did watch another James McAvoy movie, I haven’t really gone out of my way to absorb everything even tangentially related to the movie. So I haven’t hunted down the soundtrack or learned all the actors’ life histories, or gone on actor photo expeditions or begun to ship McFassy, or a dozen other things that many other fans are doing.

I just never totally absorb into things. It’s very rare that I look up actors and follow their previous films. The same goes for voice actors in anime. I can rarely tell if someone’s been in something else and don’t really care one way or another. If I like I band, I probably can’t tell you the name of anyone in it unless their name is in the title. And I never follow them closely enough to know when new albums drop or anything like that. It generally comes as a surprise, like “Oh, they put out a new album…last year.”

About the only exception is books. If I like an author’s work, I’ll seek out more. Same goes for manga. But since I’m in fandom, if I like a work, I often tend to turn to fanworks of the original thing I enjoyed. Sometimes I feel like a bad fan because I just don’t fan like other people. But oh well, this is how I do things and I’m not changing it now. I’m simply too damn lazy to get as absorbed in things. If other people want to do it and it makes them happy, they are welcome to do so.

Now I’m going to listen to Take That songs and ignore the fact that I hadn’t realized Robbie has finally hooked up with them again and I didn’t notice. XD In my defense, you don’t really hear much about the British pop scene over in the states. Even less so when you just don’t follow the music scene at all.

And I think I'll end this all with the video. :D


Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 11:57 pm
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To add to the ever expanding number of places I can be found, I'm on tumblr now. Well, I was on tumblr before, but that's a Minecraft specific tumblr. I made a general fannish tumblr now. It's currently (and terribly) titled Forchancookie's G(eek) Spot. I was out of good name ideas and had left it called something generic like My tumblr until I thought that one up XD

Anyway, I know that tumblr has taken some fandoms by storm and there's all sorts of picture posting from Pixiv and reblogging and junk like that. I don't really intend to do a lot of that. I think mostly I'll just post geeky links that I refrain from spamming my livejournal with and are too geeky for my facebook and I'll try to take ficlet requests through the ask feature or something. It's an idea that's still in that nebulous stage. I'll do other stuff too. I just posted a little mini-rant about the coveted 14-25 year old male demographic. So if you have a tumblr, you can watch me. I promise I won't post 900 pages of spam.

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