Sunday, March 6th, 2011 07:40 pm
forchancookie: My Boston Terrier as a puppy <3 (Niku says "RAR!")
So, mom got a puppy for her birthday. Here's a video I took of him a little after he and Niku met. Niku is more interested in his toys than she is in him. His name will probably be Ziggy, but mom is still deciding.

I have a few pictures but they're all fuzzy. I'll post a few later anyway. Little Ziggy has puppy breath and keeps nomming on me. And his nose is sooo flat. Smooshy face!

ETA: WTF! 13 views on my video and some jackass already "disliked" it! Normally I don't pay attention to that shit, but that's dick. Nobody should dislike new puppy videos.
forchancookie: My Boston Terrier as a puppy <3 (Niku says "RAR!")
Cause there can never be enough Niku videos. Opie is in this one too. I was trying to take pictures of some wrapped gifts for a contest on Menewsha, because I am a dork, but the dogs wanted to play and ended up bounced all over my photoshoot.

There you have it. A dose of cuteness to send you into 2011. Happy New Year guys!
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Last month, I posted about United Airlines breaking Guitars. Well, three songs were promised and I checked tonight and the next one is up! In fact, I was the first view on it :D It's wracked up over a hundred since then. But anyway, here it is:

I can't decide which one I like better. They're both amusing. I'm leaning towards this one though.

United Breaks Guitars

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 09:59 pm
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Wow, another embedded video. I couldn't help it though! You need to see this!

More info from the band on the situation is here. And unsurprisingly, once the song hit the airlines did a massive backpedal which the singer talks about in this video response. Well United, that's what you get for fucking around with people. And there's still two more songs to come. HA HA!
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Wow...where did those hours go? Fucking internet always stealing time from me! This time I got caught up in the 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos. I'm actually happy to say that I'd not seen about half of them...but now I have seen all of them. Whoops! Ok, not all of them, I did skip a few. Potter Puppet Pals was number 55! :D

Anyway, this one was the most striking. A man stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. Yes, 41 freaking hours! There's a story about it here, beware though, it's also very heavy with general information about elevators. Fascinating, but heavy. There's just something so haunting about watching the guy pace around and curl up on the floor. The piano music just seems to drive it home.

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You guys look like you could use some Niku cuteness. :D

forchancookie: My Boston Terrier as a puppy <3 (Niku says "RAR!")

Scutter emerges from the dangerous under the bed caves and makes her way through the fallen cover obstacles only to stand triumphant before them. As her partner, Niku, joins her, they both activate their most powerful weapon! Puppy Dog Eyes! They want one thing and one thing only! Dinner!

XD I love watching Scutter crawl out from under the bed. Not only is she part pig, but it appears that she's part mole as well. So I have a mole pig dog!

The heroic background music is "Kibou No Hoshi O Mezashite" from the anime Megami Kouhosei aka Pilot Candidate.

A New Niku Video!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 06:17 am
forchancookie: My Boston Terrier as a puppy <3 (Niku says "RAR!")

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