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Saturday, March 28th, 2009 06:18 pm
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Oh Oreos, you are so good no matter what color you come in. I'm finishing up the last of some vanilla oreos. So yummy. I have a weakness for vanilla sandwich cookies with icing in them. When I was really little, we lived in an old rent house in Houma. It was the one with the floor heater that burned my feet and gave me nightmares for life. I think I've mentioned it before. Anyway, next door, lived an older couple and they became my Muhmaw and PuPaw. Man, trying to figure out how to write their names how we say them is weird. They were from New Jersey but had settled in Louisiana, so it's not your typical Southern pronunciation. Anyway, even long after we moved across town and the rent house burned down due to afore mentioned floor heater, we always visited them and they always had vanilla sandwich cookies on hand. We always sat down at the kitchen counter and ate vanilla sandwich cookies and milk and then went out back to hunt for pecans and play on the cement slab of where the old house used to be. Pupaw died a few years ago. I haven't been to Houma in a long time, so I don't know how Muhmaw is. I'll be going there next Saturday to go to a dress appointment with Jill. That'll be interesting. Mom heard dress and her eyes lit up. Guess I'll be dragging her along too.

And now I'm full of cookies and waxing on nostalgic. Oh boy. Brian's here's for the weekend. Apparently, Opie has been misbehaving a lot since the last time he was here. I had him for two weeks, but since he's gone back to Brian, he's been destroying a lot of things out of boredom. He tears up bags, ate Brian's expensive boots, destroyed six rolls of paper towels and who knows what else. Poor thing. He has too much goofy energy to be locked up in the house for eight hours a day. Brian needs to find a doggy daycare for the poor guy.

Anyway, some of the anime that I've been watching has come to an end. I finished watching Mitchiko to Hatchin. It's different. It's set in South America (though there's still a lot of Japanese names like Hiroshi and Satoshi) and people actually have skin color! Yes, that's write, tanned people, black people, white people, all sorts of different colors of people. It's great to see in an anime, which can be so generic and bland. I wouldn't say that all anime is outright xenophobic, it's just that it's so self-focused that the outside world doesn't tend to exist unless they're throwing in a foreigner for a gag. So, Mitchiko to Hatchin has people with color, and that's nice. The plot is a basic jailbird on the run/chase scenario, but that's sort of inconsequential to the character development. While the animation and music are vibrant and there's plenty of action, when it all boils down it's about character development. You're watching Mitchiko and Hatchin and the people around them grow and change. It can be a little slow though. Even with the action and music and colors, if you're not big on watching characters bloom, this can be a bit boring. It's worth giving a try for the very least just because it's so different. The ending was no exception. Although, it was one of those wide open endings that bug me. It's sort of fitting. You pretty much know what happens next, but you can't know for sure.

Now onto the other anime that's ended. Kuroshitsuji has sadly come to an end. It's so pretty, so very pretty. And so darn suggestive too! I went into it saying "I will not ship Ciel and Sebastian just because they are pretty." And then they went and made me! There's just too much subtext there. It's just so beautifully wrong. Sebastian wants to eat Ciel's bittersweet little soul, but in the end he seems reluctant. So much affection has built between them. It's impossible not to ship. The anime also ended with quite an open ending. It pretty much tells you what is going to happen next but doesn't show you, leaving it open. I know what I think happens next. Bow wow chika bow wow! XD Srsly though. If Ciel thought it was just as simple as getting his soul sucked out by a demon, he's still a cute naive little boy and Sebastian is totally going to take advantage of that. The ending just fit though. Another bittersweet glimpse into the tragic life of Ciel Phantomhive. I wish it weren't over, but it ended so well. Ah well, there's always fanfiction. :D I'm itching to get my grubby fingers on the soundtrack too. *grabby hands*

I also started watching Heroic Age. Standard "Find the key that will save humanity from extinction at the hands of enemy" type anime, but it's nice. The animation is pretty. I like the characters, so even though the story is familiar, you want to follow them to see how it turns out for them. There are a few characters I want to keelhaul, but they're supposed to be that way. Ugh. Nasty princes! Anyway, I'm a bit more than half way, but after watching Kuroshitsuji, I feel like I need a break to let its bittersweet end sink in. I should probably read the manga too. Later though, I should probably bring the dogs outside.

It got chilly! We had a bunch of rain and it was hot and muggy and now all of a sudden it's chilly. My toes are cold. Oh Louisiana, you have such weird and uncomfortable weather. Usually, I'd just slip into my flipflops or sandals and take them out, but today calls for shoes. And that means socks. And that means work. I dun wanna. ^_^;; Ok, I'm going.

Niku Days

Thursday, August 21st, 2008 01:29 pm
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It's pouring been down rain lately. Despite this, Niku still loves to go outside. Typically, she likes to spend a few hours just hanging out outside, taking in the sights, smells and sounds. She wanders around and looks for lizards and sunbathes and sometimes barks at things outside of the fence. That's a Niku day. Even the rain is not stopping her from having her Niku days. I left her outside yesterday while the rain started. Usually she'll just stay under the porch and watch it rain, but lately she's been venturing out into it to continue the sniffing and lizard hunting part. I went out with her today to watch the rain and she just trotted out into it. She's getting stinky. She probably loves it. I, on the other hand, don't. Tomorrow she gets a bath. I've been calling her the Princess of Stink ^_^;
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It's only 7am and already it's uncomfortably hot upstairs with just the fan on. It's 71 degrees Fahrenheit and rising. We're heading for the 90s. That's Louisiana for you. *puts on the air conditioner and goes to sleep*

And this post reminds me of this video that Dark made me watch by Jenny Owen Youngs singing a cover of Nelly's Song Hott in Herre, which I never liked, but suddenly this version is getting stuck in my head...and I love the wacky cracky music video. The polar bear just kills me XD

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Look! My icon matches my title! Wonder why? >_>

Yeah, I made a really big, really random icon post tonight and this was in the batch. It's a cute little one from the Nabari no Ou manga, which is just as cute as the anime.

Anyway, I think I've got to be one of the only people iconing for some of these titles. I think I've seen one other Bremen icon before, but no Your and My Secret (My Barbaric Girlfriend). Not that I've been looking or anything. XD

Anyway, it's sleeping time. There's a thunder storm rumbling outside now and the trend lately is for the power to flicker in storms and my computer to restart. Annoying! So I'm just going to turn it off and head to bed.

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