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Sunday, May 24th, 2009 04:04 am
forchancookie: (Gaia Avvie)
I was pretty bored tonight. I watched Groomer Has It and took Opie and Niku for an extended walk and still the time crawled. I thought about working on a project in the craft room, but I'm stalling on that. I ended up on Gaia mindlessly playing Blackjack ^_^;; Then I discovered that I'd forgotten about one of my mules and ended up logging into there and dressing her up all nice and pretty. So now here's me and my mule army looking all pretty, well most of us anyway.

My only male mule is Commodore Cookie on the left. Ironically, I have him dressed as a pretty indian princess or something XD Next is Turn the Paige, who is based off of an old RP character. She's such a sweetie. Then there's me. Ba-bam! I'm totally rocking that frog in my hair XD Then there is For-Chan, the forgotten mule! She had a really n00bish outfit on, so I glammed her up. Ain't she cute? :D And finally there's Major Tom, who has recently turned into a centaur and hooked up with that dashing stallion. They are an adorable couple!

Anyway, I'm in love with those new reversible hairpins and bracelets! Definitely one of the best common items ever! And if you're thinking "Man, she sounds so dorky" all I have to say is "DUH!" Cause I am. How long have we been friends and you're just figuring this out? XD

So yeah, I'm just posting because I'm happy that my pixels look prettiful and I'm still a bit bored. I started reading a new manga but got distracted when Andrew came home. I guess I'll skip back to it. ^_^

Note to self: I probably need to make a new Gaia avvie now since you've long since changed outfits...but damn, I love that outfit too. I need like an outfit gallery or something.

ETA: Watch this! It's a little rough on the ears, but hilarious.

Cute Avatar Forums

Sunday, May 18th, 2008 03:42 am
forchancookie: (Gaia Avvie)
Gaia is having a prom even right now, but I'm angry at it for being crappy. I've had some lame ass moron try to hack into my account about 6 times in the last two days, again. Idiots.

I also got an email from Menewsha, which I'd pretty much forgotten all about. It's pretty much a Gaia clone with cute little avatars and forums. It seems like it's mostly filled with older women. The avatars are pretty girly, so I guess it scares away a lot of boys. The gold granting system is based on actual post length and bumping and a lot of the other stuff that takes place on Gaia is not allowed. It's a nice enough place, but for me, who doesn't post a lot, gold earning is not so easy. But they're currently having an event where you collect flowers and can get special event items. I am all over that. My character previously was wearing a sack that someone had given to me. Now I have on actual clothes.

Cute huh? I'm glad she finally got some clothes. I'll probably be hanging out there for a bit now that I've discovered it again. You can find me right here. I am For-Chan Cookie just about everywhere XD

Gaia Cosplay

Monday, March 10th, 2008 03:33 am
forchancookie: (Brainsplosion)
So I'm a huge dork. I play around on Gaia dressing up my avvie. This week I dressed her up as a character from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. If you happen to be on Gaia, vote for me!

Oh yeah, lemme show off my new icon while I'm at it. Check out my "brainsplosion" icon XD

Anyway, Gaia, vote, click on the picture ^_^ Thanks! <3

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