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I watched the pilot episode of Human Target last night. Mom was watching it too, so midway through, I turned off my tv and went down to join here. She wasn't completely invested in it, so she kept getting up and talking to my brother in the kitchen and generally being annoying. She missed what happened at the end of the show and then goes "Wait, how the heck did he get a parachute on a train?"

To which I reply, "He didn't. He made it."

She goes "Oh. He's just like Godiva!"


"No, Macgyver. Godiva is chocolate."


Yeah...kinda not the same mom! Kinda not the same.
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I spent most of my Mardi Gras in bed, blissfully least until my aunt got here, then my mom kept running up and down the stairs bugging me to come see! Woke me up a few times, then when I got up I took a shower. Right when I get out she's telling me to come out there. I get dressed and go to the bathroom. As I'm sitting on the toilet, mom charges up the stairs, busts into the bathroom and starts dancing around saying that she has to use the bathroom. I was like "Are you kidding me? There's three bathrooms in this house!" She said that my aunt was in one of them. I pointed out that that left one free. She goes "I know, I just wanted to come up here and annoy you." *bangs head on wall*

Once I finally get out on the patio, mom just disappears, so I ended up being the one to entertain my aunt. I got to hear all about how mom "dumped her" cause they didn't end up going to a parade. God forbid she take the initiative and go by herself! No, it's mom's fault for not taking her to a parade. Wah wah, cry me a river. And then she told me the same stuff she always tells me. Then, we went inside and I showed her Andrew's Guitar Hero game while mom cooked some fajitas.

Andrew bought the Guitar Hero band edition the other day. I've done the guitar, the drums and the singing. I'm not very good at any of them. I'm ok on Easy mode, but I still feel crappy at it. And singing to a certain pitch is not as easy as you'd think. You're used to singing along, but singing your way and the game demands that you sing their way, so it's weird and really reminds you how much you can't actually sing >_> Anyway, Andrew came home and he, mom and I ended up playing a few songs. My mom SUCKS! Even in Beginner mode where you just have to hit any button as long as you get it when they want it, she blows. She just hits buttons or the drums whenever and hopes it's right. We entertained my aunt that way. After that, I grabbed some fajitas and retreated to my room. My aunt let a little later.

In other news, Andrew had a girlfriend. I guess they worked together, but she graduated UL in December and moved back home to Mississippi. Which meant that every other weekend one of them was driving to see the other. It was all rather annoying. If she wanted to stay here, she shouldn't have moved. Anyway, she came over on Friday and they went to some Mardi Gras balls on Friday and Saturday evening. On Sunday, I didn't see her all day. I was wondering why Andrew was sitting around on the couch all day. I mean, it's good that she goes out to see other people without being attached at his hip, but I thought it odd. Later on, he told me they were having "drama." By Monday, he was single again. Apparently she found him too clingy. I don't really find Andrew to be clingy, but then I've never dated him, so who knows? I just found the whole situation ridiculous and weird.

In other brother/girlfriend news, I think I forgot to mention Brian's. He proposed to his girlfriend of who knows how long, just before Christmas. She accepted, of course. Though, I think Brian sort of got pressured by the family to do it. At Kristen's sister's funeral, her mother was introducing him as Kristen's fiancé. No pressure there. But they're not exactly planning the wedding. Apparently, Kristen has to wait for her older sister to get married before she can. But the sister's fiancé was previously married and the family is Catholic, so they have to wait for that to get annulled before they can get married. Apparently, annulment takes a long time (unless you're Brittany Spears) so who knows when they'll finally get married, which in turn means that Brian and Kristen are going to have a very long engagement. It's all pretty stupid if you ask me. If Brian and Kristen are ready, let them just get married. Kristen's not the one who picked out a lame guy, her sister is. Let them wait.
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Day three into my not-diet and I'm noticing a problem. My stomach insists that it is hungry if I don't overeat. Somewhere in the past few months I've just gotten into the habit of overeating. You know that thing your parents tell you about wasting food and starving kids in Africa? I think I have it engraved on my brain. It doesn't help that I seem to be the only one that really eats the food at home. If I don't eat it, it tends to rot. As a result, I end up overeating stuff so it's not wasted. Thanks for the issues mom! -_- So yeah, I'll eat, feel slightly full and a short while later I'm hungry all over again. I'm thinking I might combat this with smaller more frequent meals and snacks. I also need to add in some movement. Get that step counter and do more walking, uncover my floor so I can do some DDR. I just have to actually get doing instead of just saying.

Maaaaan, I feel like I'm starving even though I finished off a small bowl of ice cream less than two hours ago. This is ridiculous. And yet, stupid me did it to myself. And of course it takes longer to fix the damage than it does to do it. Well, nothing for it but to get hopping.

And speaking of Issues, I stumbled across this video on youtube a while back and I got addicted! )

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